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  Meet Mrs. DC America 2014

Meredith Egwuatu




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Meredith Egwuatu is Mrs. District of Columbia America 2014. She competed at the Mrs. America pageant in August, touting the platform "Leadership Development through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math."  At Mrs. America 2014, Meredith took home the prestigious "National Fitness Award." A 27-year old wife and mother of one daughter, Meredith has achieved  numerous accolades in her personal, professional and community life.

Meredith is currently the Director of Business Development at an IT consultant firm in the DC metro area. She works with federal agencies consulting them in their IT needs. She works with agencies such as the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Army. A graduate of the University of Texas, Meredith specialized in leadership strategies such as Global Leadership Strategy and Minority Leadership.

Meredith is the Founder of "Let Leaders Rise," a nonprofit organization that focuses on leadership development in young adults, 16-22 years of age. Also, through STEM programs, the organization takes steps to helping students to improve competitiveness in technology.

Meredith balances her professional and community life by spending her personal time with her husband, ND and their daughter, Annalise. Her personal hobbies include cooking international cuisine, watching sporting events, and reading.


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The Queen and her Court

Meredith's Media Photos

Dr. Allena Kennerly (2nd RU),  Meredith Egwuatu (Mrs. DC America 2014), and Laura Clark (1st RU)