Deadline for Ads is March 1, 2019

Why Advertise?

Advertising in the Miss DC for America/Mrs. DC America Pageant Program Book, gets your product/service in front of your targeted audience in a controlled environment. You want the audience members to take action and buy your service, product, or embrace your non-profit. Advertising in the Program Book can bring more that 750 impressions from viewers in just one night.

Types of Ads You Can Place Inside Program Book:

  • Advertise your personal business.

  • Dedicate a page to the current contestant.

  • Dedicate a page to the Miss DC for America or Mrs. DC America Organization.

Click here to see a past Pageant Program Book in full!

Step 1: Pay Program Book Ad Placement Fee

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Step 2: Pay Graphic Artist to Make Ad

Pageant Design is our official program book/ad designer. All ads should be made by them. Please click here go to their site.

That's it!