Deadline for Ads is March 9, 2018

Why Advertise?

Advertising in the Mrs. DC America Pageant Program Book, gets your product/service in front of your targeted audience in a controlled environment. You want the audience members to take action and buy your service, product, or embrace your non-profit. Advertising in the Program Book can bring more that 750 impressions from viewers in just one night.

Example: Click here to see the 2016 Pageant Program Book in full!


100% Married and Engaged Females

24% are 18-30 years of age

59% are 30-45 years of age

17% are 45 and over

63% have an avg combined household income> $250,000 

Types of Ad You Can Buy:

You can advertise several different ways in the Mrs. DC America Pageant Keepsake Program Book:

  • Advertise your personal business.
  • Dedicate a page to a Preliminary Title Holder.
  • Dedicate a page to the Mrs. DC America Organization.
  • Dedicate a page to the current titleholder.

 *How Much Does An Ad Space Cost? (Note: This does not include the graphics. You must provide your own graphics.)

  1. Left Front Inside Premier: $500
  2. Right Front Inside Premier: $500
  3. Back Inside Left Premier: $500 
  4. Back Inside Right Premier: $500 
  5. Back Outside Cover: $800 
  6. Full Page Inside: $200
  7. Double-Page Spread: $400

*Cost is only for ad space. You must supply your graphics. If you need someone to make your ad for your ad space, see next steps.

Next Steps?

  1. Pay for your ad space on Paypal using the link below.
  2. Create your ad.  You have two options:
    1. Create your own ad using these specifications: 8.75 x 11.25 inches, 0.25 bleed area, 300 dpi, CMYK color
    2. Hire the program book designer, Pageant Design, to make your ad for you. We highly recommend you do use this option to cut down the stress of trying to make your own. Go to Pageant Design Mrs. DC America 2018 web link and follow the instructions to hire them to create an ad page for you. Deadline for Ads is March 9, 2018.

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